Bailiff Services in Ontario

Experienced and licensed bailiff services to cost effectively locate and seize your security.

Vehicle Recovery

If a debtor has failed to honour their agreement with your company, G2 Commercial services can help you recover your vehicular property.

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Equipment Recovery

If your debtor’s lease or conditional sale agreement has fallen into arrears, you are entitled to repossess your property.

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Municipal Tax Recovery

We offer the recovery of Municipal taxes through the collection of all relevant documents, while exercising discretion and privacy for the parties approached.

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Landlord Distraints

We will act upon your behalf in the retention of goods in order to secure your investment through reasonable means with the debtor.

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Commercial Lockouts

As the owner of commercial property, you have the right to reclaim your premises if the tenant is sufficiently in arrears.

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Liquidation Services

We aim to ensure that value of recovery for your liquidated assets is maximized. Through our various resources we are able to alleviate the burden of surplus goods and idle equipment.

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About G2CS

G2 Commercial Services has been providing services in Northern Ontario since 1999. With over 25 years of combined experience in collections, private investigation, court proceedings, policing and bailiff service, we have become a leader in the repossession industry.

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